Friday, April 20, 2012


  Seems like life is always changing the past couple of years! Sometimes I cant keep up with how fast things are moving.This past year we had 3 major changes in our lives.New baby girl,Joseph started school and my hubby's career change.All three were good changes but all have really took some getting used too and required even more changes in my routine just to keep up with all the new things going on.

   The only one of those changes I have only recently been disappointed about is Joseph being in school.Its not that I dislike the school or his teachers.The school has been great and he has learned so much, but he has also learned things that chill me to the bone from other kids.The things Kindergartners are doing and talking about in this day and time are mind boggling.I prefer my child to remain a child and enjoy his childhood without all the extra baggage of adult knowledge and such ungodliness.I know kids will find out things from other kids eventually but it should not be Kindergarten.

  Why are kids 5 and 6 years old using profanity?(which is not even half of the problem) The answer to that is because they hear it at home.I feel as though I'm fighting a losing battle trying to be a good example and teach my son right but I'm allowing him to be exposed to every abomination under the sun, everyday of the week that he goes to school.I only know the things that go on because I question him everyday after school about how his day went,who he played with and so on.The things he tells me has only left me to one conclusion,I must make another change! My heart can not handle it no more.I have to take him out of public school.It's not really what I want to do but it's something I feel way down deep I need to do.

  Being private school is way beyond what I can manage financially right now, we will be home schooling next year.I have actually gotten excited about it now and really looking forward to it.I have picked out what curriculum I will be using (ABeka),purchased some organizational stuff,a desk and have done tons of research.Joseph loves school and I was worried about how he would feel about it all, but to my amazement he was excited too.

   I know it will definitely be a big commitment and a challenge but we will work our way through it just like we have all the other changes in the past year.I think it will be great also, that he will always be home when his daddy is home.Him being a truck driver and not being home much is hard enough on him but it makes it even harder when his dad comes home but he cant be here the whole time because he is at school.Might not seem like a big deal to some but when your dad is away 2 weeks at a time every hour counts when he is home.I feel like it will be a good change for our family.

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