Monday, November 21, 2011

The Things I have learned about Kindergarten

I am amazed how much Kindergarten has changed since I was in school.There is such a big difference in what is taught now days and what is expected of our kiddos.Then there is the stuff that has not changed for the parent and child but you just don't expect or know until it's your little one starting school. Here is what I have found out in the last 2  1/2 months.

  1. You will cry on their 1st day no matter how hard you try not to.
  2. Your child may not react the way you have thought they would.Mine didn't even want a hug before I left.Almost acted as if he did not know me.A real heart breaker!
  3. By the end of the 1st week most teachers really don't want you walking your child to class.WHAT!? Are they crazy? Just drop him off at the door of the school and let him find his own way? Which leads me to # 4
  4. They really are capable of finding their way to class and other places in the school right by themselves.This horrified me, thinking about him wandering the halls of the school alone.Really took some getting used to for me.
  5. What we learned in Kindergarten is what they are expected to know when they arrive the 1st day.
  6. They do not take a nap.This is a good thing for us.I am quite positive his teacher would not want to see how much more energy he has after getting rested up.
  7. They actually start some algebra now.This really blew my mind and also frightened me.When told this,I thought I may need to go back to school myself so I will be able to help with homework.
  8. They will have homework everyday.I don't remember doing much at all.
  9. Homework is not hard but boy the directions can really be confusing.Once you spend an hour calling all your friends with kids in kindergarten and figure it out it only takes about 10 minutes to do.
  10. Your kid will probably know how to read 3-4 letter words by the 2nd month of school.Now they can read you some of the book.This part of school really excites me.Listening to my little man read is the coolest thing!
  11. You really begin to realize just how much more your child is capable of.Don't let them fool you! They can do far more than they let on.If you knew they were smart before school, you might feel like they are near geniuses after you see what they learn in such a short amount of time.They really just make us feel like we have to do everything for them.Its not a fact of life.They are so much smarter theses days!
  12. When they get home, it is possible they will try to eat everything in the frig and cupboard.Even though my son eats breakfast at home and school,then lunch,he walks through the door as if he has not ate all day.
  13. Last but not least,no matter how grown and independent they now seem, they need you.They need to know you are interested in their day and are proud of all of their achievements.We always talk about what Joseph does at school.I ask a lot of detailed questions, like what did you eat for lunch?Who did you play with on the playground and what did you play? He kind of acted like this irritated him after a while so one day I only asked one question. Did you have a good day? He said,yes.When I did the same the next day he said,"Mama,you don't want to know what I did at school anymore?"He really sounded disappointed.I said of course I do.Then I realized he really did appreciate my interest in his day and I guess it took a day or two without it for him to realize that himself.
Very excited about his 1st day

Getting a bit nervous once at school

 These are just the things I have learned in 2 months.No telling whats in the future for the rest of the year!
Getting to work and totally ignoring my existence!