Saturday, November 12, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  We really don't seem to appreciate things as we should until they become limited or not there at all.A sad fact but so true in most cases.Since my husband has become a truck driver and is gone all but 1-2 days a week it has made me realize just how much we are blinded to this fact too many times.There were so many times we probably could have spent quality time together and did not just because we were wrapped up in other things when we were not working or doing other things that had to be done.Maybe not doing things that required money but we could have shared more moments together just the two of us.Even if it wasn't anything more than going for a walk hand in hand and enjoying quiet moments listening to the sound of the birds chirping.Things like that now seem like such a luxury now that we have so little time together.People really do waste so much time just doing things that are really of no importance to this life or the life to come.Though I'm speaking of this in a way that sounds negative there is also a positive note in my thoughts about this because it is a valuable life lesson for me.Yes his job is a necessary one, and it does take away from our time and time with the children.On the bright side it has forced us to see to the fullest extent how precious our time together is and we make the most of what we get.Which in the long run we are spending more quality time together than ever even though we are together less.We no longer just see being in the same room as spending time together but we talk,listen,laugh,cuddle or something that actually makes a lasting memory.Instead of just being in the presence of one another thinking that's all there is to do.Now we are doing things that actually strengthens our family.It has taught us to cherish every moment and therefore our relationship has grown instead of just existing.
  I believe this is a lesson we can learn with every relationship in our lives.Not only our marriage but our children,friendships and our relationship with God.We should live our lives as though there is no tomorrow or as if those special to us may not be here tomorrow.It may not be an occupation to just limit us as in my situation, but it could be death that takes away all opportunities for those truly meaningful moments permanently.I want to ask myself now and in the future is what I am doing really mean anything or will it just become a forgotten nothing in a few days.I want my actions to have an impression that last not just go through life doing mindless things that have no lasting effect on me or anyone else.

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