Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Help In hard Times

  Todays economy have so many people discouraged and wondering how to make it from pay check to pay check.Just seems the dollar goes nowhere anymore and does not seem that its going to improve anytime soon.

  I admit there are times I am so overwhelmed while paying bills and have a list of 100 other things I truly can say I need,but dont see it happening.

  I know I am not alone in this and knowing God has always seen me through somehow has always been my strength and comfort.Also,I find a comfort in feeling like there are things I can do while being a stay at home mom to feel like I am doing anything to relieve the pressure while my husband drives his truck doing his best for his family.

  Couponing is always a help and if it were not for a few sites that focus on finding me coupons,I would have no idea where to begin at times.They have been such a help to me,so I would like to take time to say thankyou and also share them with you.They can all be found on Facebook,so if you want some great deals check them out.
     The Savvy Savin' Mama
     Money Saving Mom
     Deal Wise Mommy
     Freebies 4 Mom
  These sites have helped save me on everything from food,diapers,household products and pictures.Since my daughter has been born I have gotten 2 free photo books and hundreds of free photos.

 Not only do they find me great deals but they provide me with encouaging and interesting topics I can relate to as a mom.I always do my best to look on the brightside when things seem tough, but its also nice to have some resources to help us out.We all feel better if we feel like there is something we can do instead of feeling helpless.