Friday, March 9, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Bites

  I'm always trying to figure out ways to make healthy snacks my kids will eat.Joseph is picky and Gabriella will pretty much eat anything but can't eat just anything due to choking hazards and things like that.

  I noticed on the gogert box that it said you could freeze those little tubes of yogurt.Joseph likes those, but yogurt in those little cups just are not any fun I guess, cause he wont eat that kind.So,it hit me that maybe I could make it more fun and appealing to him.

  I decided to buy a large cup of yogurt and make frozen yogurt bites,which makes it a nice little finger food for Gabriella.I made some smaller ones for her.They turned out great and pretty much melt in your mouth quickly so I don't have to worry about Gabriella choking on them.

She gobbled hers right up! Joseph liked them but complained about them being cold.He is temperature and texture sensitive, so I kind of expected that comment.He eats ice cream in the Summer, so I'm thinking he will warm up to them and will make a great summer snack at some point.

  I just dropped a little on a cookie sheet which I lined with wax paper just to not have the extra mess.Put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.As they got done I put them in a freezer bag until I got the container empty.
When they were all froze I wanted to be able to just dump them all in the original container for freezer storage.

  If your children like yogurt this might be a great option for summer time snack.Much healthier than ice cream.A toddler that is unable to use a spoon yet can actually feed themselves yogurt without quite the mess.
                                              Ready for the freezer

                                                  Comes right up with a spatula once froze

How To Keep Bananas From Ripening too Fast and How To Ripen Them Faster

  My kids love bananas and I used to feel like I could only buy a few at a time because some would go bad before they could get around to eating them all.I was constantly running out and Joseph telling me we needed more bananas.

  When I was working in a produce department at a local grocery store, I discovered a tip from a customer one day.She said just put them in the refrigerator and they will keep up to 2 weeks sometimes.I tried it and it worked like a charm! Instead of just buying a few at a time,I could buy a bunch to last the entire week or more.

  The only catch is the peel will turn brown and look like it is bad but when you open it up,you find a perfect banana.You will want to refrigerate them when the are ripe or however you prefer to eat them.If you like yours green(believe it or not some people do) refrigerate when it is green.

                                      This is a banana that has been refrigrtated about 4 days
Also, I will add if you need your green ones to ripen faster to make that pudding you are wanting asap,put it in a brown paper bag and it will ripen a day faster.