Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wonderful Stain removing product!

  After two kids and two accident prone adults, the couch we bought pre-kid in my mind was just beyond ever looking clean again.My kids eat in the kitchen but we have had the leaky sippy cups and some of our drinks have been knocked over.Then you have the times where kids have gotten sick and the newborn spit up to try and combat.

  I always try and clean up the messes when they happen but unfortunately the couch we bought before we had children is microfiber and it seems to not clean well at all.

   NOTE: Planning on having kids ever? Microfiber is not the best way to go!

  If you have already,I have found a product that will work wonders for it.It's called Folex.I bought mine at Food Lion for a little over $6.00 but I think Wal-mart carries it as well, and probably cheaper.Nothing else I have tried even put a dent in my stains and I'm pretty sure I tried almost everything that claims to clean upholstery.

  One of the things I love about this product other than how well it takes out stains, is there is no chemical smell.Actually,I can not tell it has any smell at all.

 The directions say to spray a generous amount on spot and rub in with finger tips.Then blot with an absorbent cloth. It can also be used in steam cleaners.

  In the before and after pictures,you can see I had more than just a spot.I'm totally amazed!
  I am going to go over it one more time because there is just a bit more I want to get off, but as you can see after just one go at it there is a major improvement!