Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making my baby clothes last longer

  I don't know about you but I never feel like I get enough use out of my daughters clothes before she grows out of them.I try to find deals at thrift shops and consignment but sometimes its hard to just find what you like or the right size.I have found a way to make her continue wearing her clothes long after she has out grown them and also have more to choose from in stores by being able to by them to small or too big.I just have to make a minor adjustment once I get them home.

    Below there is a pink sundress for a 12 month old.My daughter wears 24 mths now and this dress would not completely cover her diaper if she had it on.I'm pretty picky about the length of a skirt or dress even on a baby.
All I had to do was cut the straps off and there isn't even any sewing required.She now has an adorable skirt.

  The one next to it is an 18 mth but as you can tell would fit a bit shorter than the first would have.The way this one is made you cant just cut the straps so I just went down a bit below.This type will require a little sewing so it does not unravel the material, but it is something even I can do and I don't sew hardly at all.I like to find the ones like the pink one of course if I am actually purchasing it for this purpose in mind.Both of these I paid very little for at a thrift store.

  The other two I already had and she just grew out of them.The white one was the first one I did like this.She wore it last year as a dress and is still wearing it today almost a year later.You can also find the little long summer tops to do this with especially if they are a size or two bigger than what your little girl would wear.

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