Thursday, November 10, 2011

Times of Thankfulness

I was just thinking about how we grumble and complain so much through out the year but as Thanksgiving rolls around we begin reflecting on all the great things in our lives.

I'm just as guilty as anyone else at times.Do you notice though, when we do reflect on the good, how much happier we feel? Would it not be better to make this a practice all year around? Looking on the bright side can only make our lives seem more positive.I have sure had my share of troubles but dwelling on them only brings me down.When I really think about it, I have also had an abundance of blessings.God has seen me through so much.If  wanted to I could think back on all the stress we had this year and think, I must have the worst luck.Just to name a few...

  We came very close to foreclosure so many times its not even funny.My hubby could not find any work,my car was costing us more and more money we did not have,until it finally just quit.Went months with out my own car and one that was loaned to me caught on fire! Dealing with all of this with a baby and a 5 year old was extremely stressful on myself and my husband who was doing the best he could but his best seemed useless.That's just a drop in the bucket to the things we faced but looking at all these, I am forced to see a lot of good came from it.Yes,my husband was out of work because construction was slow (dead actually) but it forced him to make a decision that has made a huge difference in our lives.

  He struggled his way through school to make a career change being the one he had always done obviously wasn't cutting it now, due to the economy.It was also something he always wanted to do.He is now a truck driver,making decent money and enjoys his job.We are finally climbing out of the hole.I now have a vehicle I can depend on and like it very much.

    If we had not went through what we did, we would still be exactly where we were.Just getting by,making constant repairs to that car trying to keep it going,and my husband working a job he was good at but not as happy with as the one he has now.He has been able to do something he has wanted to do his whole life.What a blessing! But just where did that blessing come from? The answer, from the rocky road the Lord put in our path.He put us on that road so we would make a detour to a better one and for that I am thankful for those struggles.