Sunday, October 30, 2011

Me Time,The Night Before Monday!

This is my first post to my blog and I am very excited to get it going.It is late and I am pretty tired but this seems to be the best time to have my own thoughts all to myself.I throw myself into being a mother all day long and if I don't get that me time at the end of the day,I will only lay there wishing I could sleep.Everyone needs that time alone to reflect and just do what makes them feel like they are their own person,and not just someone to meet everyone else's needs.Sure,I will be needing tooth picks to hold my eyes open in the morning but I will be a much happier person in the long run.I will very much be in need of a happy state of mind while dragging my 5 year old out of the bed to get ready for school.All the while my little girl who will be 10 months old tomorrow will be making her request for her 6 am bottle known in a not so quiet voice.
  To make Monday morning a Little easier, I plan to make my son a sausage,egg and cheese croissant for breakfast.This is the latest thing he is requesting for breakfast so he will be a little happier and maybe wont sit there staring at it about to fall back to sleep for the first 20 minutes he is up.I have found its also true,just as it is said to be of men, the way to a little boys heart is through their stomachs.

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