Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To potty train or not to potty train...That is the question??

   So I have been thinking a lot about potty training and honestly I am dreading it.I have read a lot of info about it and have already had the experience of potty training my son which is why I dread it.

  Sometimes I wonder if starting earlier would of made things go faster.It seemed like such a long drawn out process.Now days you read how most parents don't even think about it until age 2 or 3 but our parents and our grandparents started way earlier.Some were not even walking when they had their first sit on the potty.My own mother claims I was using the potty at 1 yr old.I look at my 1 yr.old and am terrified of the thought but the thought is also very inviting.

  I am not afraid to say,I hate diapers! You will hear the experts say not to push the issue and make sure your child is ready, but was I truly ready at 12 months? I guess I am wondering why things changed in potty training so much over the years when it seemed to work fine for the older generations before us.

   So with all this in mind I would like to hear from some of you who have not waited until age 2 or 3 to start the potty business and what was your experience? Those that waited are also welcome to share their experiences as well.      

                                                         My daughter,Gabriella 
                                                         Just meeting her potty

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