Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Beginning of my weight loss.Day 1

  Well, today is the day I am going to get serious about weight loss.I have been very discouraged about it the past few months and had pretty much give up.After I had Gabriella, I really assumed it would come off as easy as it did with my son.Big mistake in thinking that!

  When she was 3 months old I began to realize it was probably going to take some effort on my part this go around, so I just began eating healthier foods and cutting back on junk.Thought it was going great when I lost 4 lbs, but then although I still was eating healthy, for some reason it came back.

  I joked about it with my hubby who had been doing the same trying to lose weight and was actually working for him.Deep down though,I felt really discouraged and beginning to feel depressed.

  For the most part, I have been 115 lbs since I was a teenager which is a good,healthy weight for someone that is only 5 ft tall.I need to lose 23 lbs to get back to that and I am pretty sure it will take some major exercise to do this.I have a plan in mind to make it more fun by making it more about play than work.Being my life is pretty much centered around my children it will include them.So we will see how it goes.This mornings work out was fun but I could tell I had a work out.Gabriella had a blast and thought I was the funniest thing she ever saw.I just want to feel better and get back into my clothes.
                        This is my most recent picture that really opened my eyes and has inspired me to give it another shot.

      Philippians 4:13   I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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