Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saving Money and Having Fun

Living on a tight budget can be stressful but you don't have to totally deprive yourself of a fun shopping trip to do it.What woman does not like to go shopping once in a while? It can be done even if you don't have $100.00.I am a thrift store lover and it saves me money and my sanity.I know some people that would not be caught dead in one.Everything has to be brand new and name brand.Well, I like new and name brand myself  but I choose not to pay the new and name brand prices for it.I would rather pay $2.00 for a Vera Bradley pocket book than 50.00 or more any day.I did just that, not long ago too.Don't get me wrong, you can over spend in thrift stores if you walk in with the wrong mind set.I know a lady who goes from store to store buying up things she is never going to wear or use just because its cheap,but this is not a way of saving if you don't need it! When I walk in I have things in mind I'm looking for that we need or maybe a special toy my children would like.I only buy the things I know I can use.I have been needing to get Joseph some new dress shoes for church,and he needed a belt.At a normal store I knew this was going to cost me at least thirty to forty dollars, if I found a sale, so I have been keeping my eyes open in the thrift stores.Today I found what I needed and more.
   Here's what I got for $12.00!

There is the belt and shoes I needed.The shoes were $2.00 and were brand new and the belt was $3.00 and I have never seen one a Walmart for less than $7.00.Joseph had a good report card and my husband and I were talking about getting him some of those tiny Lego's he loves.A small box of 60 pieces is $5.00 and today I got a lg. box of 600 for $4.00! That was the most expensive in the picture above.A lot of times I make out better than this but I felt pretty satisfied anyway, and had a lot of fun too.

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